Reddit’s Favorite Trap Artists

The trap music genre is more popular than ever these days. In my probably oversimplified opinion, there’s two sides to trap: hiphop trap which is championed by artists like Future and Migos, and EDM trap which has artists like RL Grime and Diplo moving it forward. If you’ve ever visited the best subreddit on the internet, you’ll know it’s home to many trapheads around the world – particularly EDM trapheads.

This research was inspired by this analysis of rappers’ popularity on the hiphopheads subreddit. I wanted to carry out a similar investigation into the artists that have sparked the most engagement on r/trap over the past year. To do this I scraped all submissions in the subreddit from 1st Jan 2018 to 15th Dec 2018 – excluding all removed posts. I then tallied up the number of posts that contained the name of the artists in question. In the visual below, each page has two charts; the left one takes all posts into account whereas the right one only includes posts with “Music” in its flair. With the posts that had music flairs, it was easier to extract the artists’ names because those submissions are structured more uniformly. Therefore the charts on the right side are most likely more accurate.

You can use the buttons to toggle between statistics and hover over the bars to see the exact numbers.

RL Grime’s overwhelming presence on the subreddit isn’t a huge surprise. In addition to his own content, his numbers are further boosted by all the remixes of his tracks. Ekali is also a very prominent figure on the sub but even he is a distant second in terms of overall popularity.

It’s interesting that there isn’t a large number of Medasin posts but the ones he was in generated a lot of commentary; I assume it’s mostly to do with his album Irene which was really well received.

Also despite not having that many posts to his name, Vincent shoots to the top of the list when it comes to total upvotes on posts with music flairs.

The last tab is probably the most interesting because of how different the ranking looks compared to the others. This perspective gives a better feel for quality of posts over quantity. RIP to Avicci, who had the highest upvotes per posts overall. Focusing on Music posts, Montell2099 takes the prize.

So going by upvotes per post with a music flair, Give it up for reddit’s top trap artists in 2018:

1. Montell2099 – 80.4 upvotes per post

2. A$ap Ferg – 76.8 upvotes per post

3. RL Grime – 76.7 upvotes per post

4. TNGHT – 75.1 upvotes per post

5. Medasin – 70.3 upvotes per post

Thanks for a trappy 2018!

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