Intro: Finding Personal Domain Names

Hello world! Welcome to my website! If you stumbled onto this page unknowingly you’re probably wondering “What the hell is an ‘adedabiri’??” Well I am an Ade Dabiri, more specifically THE Ade Dabiri.

One of the main reasons I started this website is because I thought it’d be cool to own a small piece of internet real estate and name it after myself. I figured it’d also be fairly easy to do because my name is not very common; the chance that someone else had already registered the domain name,, was very slim!

Boy! Aren’t I lucky I have such a unique combination of first and last name? I began to wonder about people with more common full names and the chance that a domain with their full name was still available. To answer this question, I found a list of the 100 most popular male and female names; and another list with 150 of the most popular surnames. I only used Western names (sorry!) because they were the easiest to find.

Using Python, I combined every first name with every last name to get all 30,000 combinations. That would be my list of the most common full names! I surrounded each full name with “www.” and “.com” to get the domain name whose availability I was going to check. Again, using Python, I made a function that automated the process of checking to see which of those 30k domains had been registered.

I didn’t expect the results to be this extreme but it turns out that if you’re a Westerner and have a really popular name then there’s a high chance, about 93%, that your personal domain name is already registered.

If you have a popular female name then there’s a slightly higher chance the domain will be available. Who would’ve guessed?

These findings have probably added no value whatsoever to your life but it was fun for me to do! I guess this is the sort of useless explorations you can expect from!

If you have any questions about my methodology or any of the data here, feel free to reach out to me! Note: I probably wouldn’t cite any of this “research” in a thesis 😉

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